Administrative Boards

Find out more about our Administrative Boards and the purpose they serve.

Church Council

Works to create and supervise the plans of CUMC. All ministry areas and committees are accountable to the Council and includes all Committee and Ministry chairs.


ChairScott Gillespie
SecretaryJoan Banning
Lay LeaderMarLen Slagel
Staff Parish ChairClaude Sawyer
Finance ChairNick Fetchina
Trustee ChairMike Linville
Church TreasurerJack Dwiggins
Prayer Ministry CoordinatorRita Bulington
Youth Representative 
Lay Member to Annual ConferenceJack Dwiggins
Lay Member to Annual ConferenceJohn Yarian
Early Learning Board ChairBrian Hall
At-Large Member 
At-Large Member 
Paid Staff are Ex-Officio Without Vote 
Children’s Ministry DirectorEmily Mayer
Youth Minister/Worship LeaderJake Mayer
Missions/Outreach, Health/CaringCarol Yarian
Visitation PastorBruce Mowery
Senior PastorKurt Freeman

Staff Parish Relations

SPRC’s primary responsibility is to work with the employed staff of Christ UMC and appointed clergy so that the mission of the church is fulfilled.

ChairClaude Sawyer
Lay LeaderMarLen Slagel
Lay Member to Annual Conference
MembersLaura Mark
Judy Austin
Russ Herren
April Headdy
Claude Sawyer
Katy Ade
Senior PastorKurt Freeman


Primary purpose is to maintain the church building and facilities so that the mission and ministries of the congregation can be met.

ChairMike Linville
Maintenance LiasonTerra Tilley
Class of 2022Lisa Baker
Misty Hintz
Jeff Portman
Class of 2023Roger Horn
Randy Lower
Alan Simpson
Class of 2024Ed Crabb
Mike Hilsabeck
Mike Linville

Lay Leadership

This committee guides the Church Council on nominating volunteer leadership for Christ UMC.

ChairPastor Kurt Freeman
Class of 2022Lisa Mayer
Pam Arnold
Class of 2023Marcy Leffert
Class of 2024Claudia Comus
Lay LeaderMarLen Slagel


Supports the mission of the church by supporting and managing the financials of Christ UMC. Finance Committee consists of all the Committee chairs of Christ UMC.

ChairNick Fetchina
TreasurerJack Dwiggins
Lay LeaderMarLen Slagel
Lay Member to Annual ConferenceJohn Yarian
Church Council ChairScott Gillespie
Staff Parish ChairClaude Sawyer
Trustee ChairMike Linville
Financial SecretaryHollie Kessler
Class of 2022Dana Blanchard
Class of 2023Pam Ferger
Transact CoordinatorsJeff Mark

Early Learning

ChairBrian Hall
DirectorLauren McCool
Assistant DirectorCarrie McCool
TreasurerDana Blanchard
Preschool Teacher Rep.Kenzie Jennings
Child Care Teacher Rep.Sandy Lyerly
Preschool Parent Rep.Sabrina Nellis
Child Care Parent Rep.Jenny Strickland
Staff Parish
Trustee Rep.Mike Hilsabeck
Pastor or Pastor’s Designee
(ex-officio, without vote)
Kurt Freeman
Class of 2022Phyllis Lane
Tiffany Stergar
Amy Schulze
Class of 2023Brian Hall
Laura Willenborg
Jessica Gillespie
Class of 2024

If you have interest in joining a committee or finding out about open seats, contact Pastor Kurt Freeman or the Lay Leadership team.