Small Groups

Small Groups Together

Small Groups is a ministry of Christ United Methodist Church.  The mission is to provide opportunities for study within groups of 12-15 persons, whereby strong bonds are formed that promote fellowship and trust among believers.  To get connected with a small group see Carol Yarian or email her at  You can also get connected by calling the church office at 474-4313. The groups meet depending on the availability of the group members.

United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women (UMW) of Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) gather throughout the month for fellowship, support, encouragement, and missional support.

The UMW of CUMC gather in three circles:

Martha Circle meets on the third Tuesday at 1:30pm, generally offsite.
It is led by Ruth Habben (765-448-1400)

Miriam Circle meets on the third Wednesday at 9:30am.
It is led by Helen Scaglia (765-477-2217).

Ruth Circle meets on the fourth Wednesday at 12:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.
It is led by Carol Martinez (765-474-5249)

All women are invited and welcome to attend the UMW circles of CUMC!

Women of Faith Bible Study

CUMC Women’s Bible Study is open to all women of all ages.  The group meets on Tuesday mornings at the church.  Studies from the Women of Faith series include such topics as Contagious Joy, Encouraging One Another, Living Above Worry and Stress, and Receiving God’s Goodness, among others.  Each study is twelve weeks long.  If you are interested, please contact worship leader, Donita Patton at or call or text at 765-404-8916.

Dinners For Eight

Dinners for Eight is a gathering of a small group of parishioners to fellowship and share food either at each other’s homes, restaurant, park, etc.  This small group program has been a tremendous tool to interact, get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ, build friendships in the church, and has the bonus of involving food!  If you have questions about this group, please contact Sue Branson at


The HeBrews Men’s Fellowship meets at 7:30am every Friday morning in the Prayer Room to encourage, support, and “solve all the world’s problems.”  If you have questions about this group, please contact Jim Applegate (765-474-1273)

Moving Foward

This small group meets monthly offsite.  It is a group of widows and widowers who gather for support and encouragement as they “move forward” after the death of their spouse.
If you have questions, please contact Nancy Kildsig  (765-743-9971)

Pastor’s Bible Study

This small group meets on Thursday mornings at 9:30am at CUMC.  This group
meets with a pastor to discuss themes in worship and theological issues facing the church.  If you have questions, please contact Betty Purcell  (765-474-3518)


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